The Voice program at the College of Charleston offers students a wide variety of opportunities for both solo and choral singing. The faculty are all experienced performers as well as teachers, and their collegial relationship gives students the advantage of receiving input not only from the individual professor but from all of the voice faculty through the weekly Repertory Class.


Solo Performance Opportunities

Solo performance opportunities abound for vocal/choral students at weekly student recitals, in the vibrant cultural atmosphere of the city of Charleston, and at frequent master classes with visiting artists such as John Wustman, Mimi Lerner, Priscilla Baskerville, Stephen Bryant, D'Anna Fortunato, Eduardo Gilardoni, and Kenneth Fulton. Students have been winners and finalists at Metropolitan Opera Auditions, South Carolina and Mid-Atlantic Regional NATS Student Auditions, MTNA National Performance Competitions, the Osborne Voice Competition in Nashville, and other national and international competitions.


The College of Charleston Choral Area features a variety of internationally acclaimed choral ensembles. CofC choirs have appeared at national and regional American Choral Directors Association conferences, National Collegiate Choral Organization conferences, and the South Carolina Music Educators Association state conference. They have toured throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean, frequently collaborate with groups such as the Charleston Symphony Orchestra, the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra, Charleston Pro Music, and Otro Sur. Comprised of music major and non-majors alike, auditions for all choirs are held in the first week of the school year.

Opera and Musical Theatre

The dramatic art form of opera is a reflection and commentary on the human condition and our shared experiences of emotions. Joy, love, death, loss, illness, and betrayal are universal. These intense emotions transcend social, economic, and national boundaries to touch everyone’s life.

Opera is an acoustic, visceral art form in which the human voice coupled with music expresses what mere words cannot. It can touch hearts, change minds, enlighten and bring people together across boundaries by expressing the commonality of shared human experience.

College of Charleston Opera is devoted to training the next generation of opera artists, and it is proud to produce three productions each year.

Opera workshop is offered by the Department of Music at the College of Charleston to music majors and non-majors. It is designed to develop the singer's awareness of his/her potential not only as a singer/actor, but also to introduce and acquaint the student to the various styles of opera. It also stresses the importance of working as an ensemble. In addition to regular bi-weekly class meetings, students are afforded private coaching in preparation of their roles or their ensemble music.