Scholarship Audition Requirements for Jazz Percussion

I. 13 Essential PAS rudiments:
  • Double stroke roll
  • Flam Single stroke roll
  • Flam accent
  • Five stroke roll
  • Flam tap
  • Seven stroke roll
  • Flam paradiddle
  • Single paradiddle
  • Drag Double paradiddle
  • Single drag tap
  • Triple paradiddle

II. Two prepared pieces on snare drum
III. Sight-reading on snare drum
IV. Drumset applicant will prepare and provide songs for this section of the audition*

  • Medium to up-tempo swing on 12-bar blues form w/ sticks
  • Solo over 12-bar blues w/ sticks
  • Slow to medium-tempo swing w/ brushes
  • Medium to up-tempo Latin groove, i.e. Bossa, Samba, Afro-Cuban

Drumset will be provided if necessary.

*Applicants should submit prepared pieces via e-mail to Robert Lewis ( at least three weeks prior to scheduled audition.