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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I double major?

Yes. Many of our students graduate with a double major in music and in another area. Recent graduates have had double majors in music and mathematics, music and philosphy, music and business administration.

Do I have to audition to be admitted?

There is no formal audition during the application process; however, many students do audition during our Scholarship Auditions. Before declaring a music major, a student must have an audition or interview with a faculty member of the appropriate area.

When do I begin taking music classes?

You will begin taking music classes your first semester. Unlike many other majors, the music degree requires progressive courses over the course of four years. You will enroll in applied lessons and ensembles and begin the core theory curriculum in your freshman year.

How many music courses will I take each semester?

Music majors' schedules generally consist of 50% music courses and 50% courses in other areas.

What is the difference between a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and a Bachelor of Music degree?

The BA degree incorporates a major in music within a liberal arts program. A BM degree focuses on music courses with a small liberal arts component. Music courses make up about 35% of the four- year program in the BA, while they account for about 75% of the course work in the BM. That having been said, most of our students end up with far more than the required 42 hours of music. Remember that those 42 hours (and the corresponding percentages) are the minimum requirements to graduate.